Structural Osteopathy and Soft Chiropractic por instituto Ackermann Suecia

Structural Osteopathy and Soft Chiropractic por instituto Ackermann Suecia

Los cursos del Instituto Ackermann Internacional son la selección obvia para fisioterapeutas, y médicos que desean continuar su formación para tratar eficientemente pacientes con problemas de la espalda, de las articulaciones y del sistema muscular.

The Ackermann College is the natural choice for physiotherapists and doctors who wish to continue their training in working with patients with pain problems in their back, joints and muscles. Our courses in structural osteopathy and soft chiropractic offer you the keys to a successful way to help patients to a painless and more flexible life.

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Lunes, 29 Abril, 2019

1900 €

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Carrer de compte de salvatierra 5-15

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Maximum 5-7 por profesor
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Fisioterapeutas, Osteopatas, Quiroprácticos, Médicos especializados en Traumatologia

Our learning objectives
Our objective is to provide you with in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in an osteopathic and chiropractic treatment concept that you can target to treat functional disorders in the spine and joints. After completing a basic training course, you will immediately feel secure in using the techniques at your own clinic.

Practical training
After completing your basic training course, your teachers will be available to support you in your practice of the Ackermann method and after six months you can take our continuation course – the master course. After you have passed the written and practical exam you will receive the Master of Chiropractic Diploma.
We also offer refresher training for anyone wanting to maintain their knowledge and skills and recommend this be taken every other year. There is also an honorary diploma after three years of clinical practice, specific additional courses and approval by the Ackermann College, which can lead to a qualified teacher status in the Ackermann method.


Dr. P.W. Ackermann, MD, PhD
Specialist in orthopedic surgery and senior lecturer, Karolinska University


Dr. P.W. Ackermann, MD, PhD

Helene Ackermann, Osteopath

George Tsoukalas Physio Msc


Spine biomechanics: Indications and contraindications
Pelvis and lumbar spine
Specific diagnosis: palpation, diagnostic tests
"Seconds phenomenon", casual chain of cause and effect
The most efficient treatment methods
Thoracic spine, shoulder girdle
Cervical spine including axis, atlas, occiput – soft and very specific techniques
Limb joints
Clinical cases, differential diagnosis
Diagnostic radiology
Holistic treatment


Small seminar groups
Owing to the small size of each seminar, with about six participants/ teacher, you will receive intensive instruction and attention, and not forgotten in the crowd—90 per cent of the seminar is practical exercises.
Complex chiropractic matters are explained in a simple manner, since one of the principles of Dr. Ackermann’s seminars is to concentrate on what is most important.
Extensive experience
Dr. Ackermann’s skeletal research and chiropractic knowledge is the result of 40 years of experience. Instructors are experienced chiropractors, physiotherapists or doctors with years of practical knowledge.
Soft chiropractic
A soft or gentle chiropractic treatment presupposes an exact diagnosis. Only in this way, will you be able to apply treatment to the blocked areas, and return the vertebrae to their proper positions. Our main object is to make this possible.
Dr. Ackermann’s textbook, his video-film and his other publications will provide you with intensive ‘homework’. This will give you the chance to always have this special knowledge right before your eyes.