Personal assistent in Norway

45 year old male Norwegian with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury, due to an accident in 1998, seeks full time assistance from a couple with experience in physiotherapy, nursing or similar.

The client is international, interested in culture, travel, food and friends.

The positions are based in Oslo, Norway, but expect travel, possibly for extended periods. 

Varied job assignments including: assistance with daily needs, support and resource for training and treatments, cooking and basic housekeeping, driving, and in general help with other practical matters. On call: 24/7, but long periods on standby, realistic 8 hours sleep. Rotation: 8 weeks on duty, two weeks off duty. Food & board included.

You should be a couple or good friends, in your 30s or early 40s. You must be fluent in English. No requirement for formal education but would like someone with a degree in physiotherapy or similar. Practical experience from care-giving is desired. You must be in good health. Equally, you must have a positive attitude and a flexible approach to the assignments that come with the job. You should be a calm, mature person.

Travel is expected; therefore you should have experience from travelling and must feel comfortable in new situations and environments. You must have a clean record, license to drive a car and be a no-smoker.

References required.

Please send application and CV to: