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Domestic ergonomics: Analysis from the point of view of physiotherapy

David Vera Romero Santiago Rosende Domínguez Health Science School - Departament of Physiotherapy and Podology - Seville. 2nd year Physiotherapy students. INTRODUCTION / RATIONALE In the life of every individual the act of acquiring a home involves a continual time commitment to developing certain activities within it. This can generate both physical and psychological health problems due to a lack of knowledge about bad postures when doing housework, as a result of erroneous learning of gestualization of these postures. In addition we must not forget the p ...
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Back school

AUTHOR: Marian Valero. Physiotherapist A flexibility training program is a planned, balanced and regular exercise program that increaes in a permanent and progressive way the amplitude of an articulation or a whole of articulations during a certain period of time.  This course wants to provide the patient with some concepts regarding stretching and relaxation techniques. It will go by body parts, meaning different parts of the body will be treated in each session in the following order:: - 6 stretching sessions - 6 relaxation sessions - 2 position rehabilitation sess ...
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Posture hygiene

AUTHOR: Eduardo Martín Morales. Phd in Physiotherapy at the University of Granada. Eddevil@hotmail.com. Back aches Nowadays more than 80% of the population suffers or has suffered from some sort of back aches. This pain which can become very disturbing in the performance of daily activities has different origins, but in most of the cases, its origin is known and avoidable. · A muscular or ligamentous disorder · A bad posture adopted repeatedly or during a certain period of time · A disorder in the biomechanics of or locomotor ...
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