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Antonio Bretones Fern√°ndez

Physiotherapy Graduate


Baby swimming has little to do with the act of swimming or learning to swim, since they are too small to acquire and develop autonomy in the water and make strokes.

The various studies in both books and specialized magazines show data related to water and the elements involved in the learning process. As a result of researching these, this paper presents the different benefits that the practice of this activity has in infants.

This paper’s goal is to carry out a bibliographical analysis of the benefits that swimming produces in babies and to bring it to the attention of physiotherapists. Its other objective is to link the physical media used in this activity with the benefits that the child acquires during its practice.

Studies found in books and in articles published on the Internet and in magazines were compiled to carry out this investigation. These sources, of differing vintages and languages, were found using the CSIC and ISBN databases and those of the UCAM, UAL and UMU libraries.

Among the major findings from the study are swimming’s many benefits to the baby, and most notably, that of significant psychomotor development. Greater motor coordination, proprioceptive localization and kinesthetic integration are acquired. In addition it facilitates movements and motor experiences that will lead to an increased motor repertoire and also help to strengthen the cardiothoracic system. Nonetheless it is crucial to emphasize the regulation of muscle tone, so important for statics, balance and movement. Ultimately it produces an improvement in affective relationships between parents and infant.

The increased development of intellectual capacity must be stressed, helping children to be more creative and observant. The consulted reading material recommends the practice of this activity during the first months of infant life.

Baby swimming is one of the best methods of early stimulation.  The environment of games and pleasure brings important benefits for the baby due to the its physical components (water, motion, heat).

Key Words: Baby swimming, hydrotherapy, matroswimming, aquatic activities

Physiotherapy in Pediatrics