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AUTHOR: Jéssica Ortega Ramos Physiotherapist at the Llar Conca de Barberà Residence (Manresa, Spain) Talking about the future can always lead us to speculation. In order to minimize this, we must conduct the review basing it on past and present data. This will allow us to obtain a current snapshot from a historical perspective, and allow the elaboration of a projection of the future in the most accurate way possible, presenting it as the logical evolution of analyzed events. To this end we must take into account all the variables that affect the process. In the ...
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Exercise program: Psychoprophalactic Birth

Karla Figuera Physiotherapist Venezuela The exercises outlined below, accompanied by clear illustrations of all their movements have been studied by specialists, and allow several benefits: An improvement in posture and appearance Relief from back pain Muscles further strengthened to prepare for labor and support for the flaccid joints An improvement in circulation Increased flexibility Increase in / maintenance of aerobic fitness Increased energy level: to combat fatigue Reduced muscle tension; promoting relaxation Promotion of feelings of ...
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María Pilar Cambra Linés Chartered Physiotherapist of the Ilustrious Official College of Physiotherapists of Aragon Member of AFESP (Association of Physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor) As a healthcare profession, physiotherapy enables the action, intervention and provision of a wide range of medico-sanitary specialties. Though just a small part of them are well known, like geriatrics, orthopedics and traumatology, neurology or cardiorepiratory, many other less “classic” possibilities exist. This does not make them less important or demanded, as is the case of physioth ...
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